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Facts about Bras
Change Your Bra - Change Your Life

A little bit of history...In ancient times bras were nothing but strips of fabric tied under the breasts to support and reveal them or around to flatten them. The corset starting becoming popular in the 1500s. Its main function was to lift up and shape the breasts. In the attempts to create something much more comfortable, two separate cups with sizes developed in the early 20th century.

Today a bra now has 2 purposes -your plain basic contour bra for every day and a sexual garment with a much lower cut, lacey and full emphasis on showing off the cleavage and shape of each breast.

Wearing or not wearing a bra is more a psychological issue or a question of habit. Full figure, non-augmented women usually have to wear a bra so they don't feel pain and discomfort. There is a myth out there - that women must wear a bra to be supported. Not so. A huge study was done with very full figured women. They were asked to either wear a strapless bra or no bra for 2 weeks. The results? 79% quit wearing bras with straps on the shoulder as it rendered them free from any pain in the shoulder, neck and upper back area!

If a woman wants to wear a bra - go to a Certified Bra-Fit Specialist. This Specialist will explain to you about the under-wires, side panels, the shoulder straps and the back band, and the importance of the fit being just right and not too tight. You will also be educated on which is the correct bra for you to provide support and eliminate sagging. Some ill fitting bras will actually increase sagging. Breasts have ligaments and as other body ligaments can atrophy in use, the constant artificial support could result in increased sagginess as the breast tissue will migrate, causing 2 differently shaped breasts. The Fitter will suggest that you not wear your bra all the time, such as when you are sleeping or at home.

Wearing a great-fitting bra will not kill you - just find a professional bra fitter so that you are wearing something that does not leave marks on your shoulders or under your breasts or is just too tight.

An ill-fitting bra can cause breast cancer - this is NOT a myth. When you are wearing too tight of a bra, it can help cancer growth since they can prevent your body from excreting dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. As you've heard trumpeted since Oprah, 80% of women are still wearing the wrong-sized bra. Some are purchasing the same size that they were fitted at 16 years old!

Tight-fitting bras restrict the lymph flow in your breasts. The Lymph fluid washes out waste materials, cancel cells and other toxins away from the breasts. The wrong-sized bra, and especially push up bras, inhibit this action.

Another way a bad-fitting bra can cause cancer is this - wearing a bra slightly increases the temperature of the breast tissue and women with higher levels of the hormone prolactin can influence breast cancer formation.

Another major study was done to support the above information:
· 3 out of 4 women who wore their bras 24 hours per day developed breast cancer
· 1 out of 7 women who wore bras more than 12 hours per day but not to bed developed breast cancer
· 1 out of 152 women who wore their bras less than 12 hours per day got breast cancer

Action to take - women, please take your bra off and look at yourself in the mirror. If there are red lines on the sides and/or underneath your breasts or marks on your shoulders from the straps, this is not a good sign, as the lymph flow might have been cut off. There are some Doctors now professing to women to NEVER ever wear an under-wire bra again. IF the bra is a good quality design, and the bra does not have a push-up or high-side under-wire or panel, and it fits you great, then you are fine. Just remember to provide a minimum of 12 hours free time for "your ladies" from your bra.